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Ime i prezime

Dušan Perić

Godina rođenja

1985. Sombor

Živi i radi

Novi Sad

Srednja škola

S.Š.za dizajn Bogdan Šuput


Akademija umetnosti Novi Sad

U klasi profesora

Jelene Trpković/Vlade Rančića

Rodjen u Somboru 1985 god.


2005. - Srednja škola za dizajn "Bogdan Šuput", Novi Sad 

2010. - Diplomirao na Akademiji umetnosti Novi Sad

2010. - Master na novosadskom univerzitetu / Akademija Umetnosti Novi Sad

Povodom Izložbe u galeriji Platoneum Mart/April 2010.


Dusan Perić - Goran Kauzlarić - Petar Perić

For a prestigious institution, colored in tradition, such as the Gallery Platoneum is, there is no better sign of  vitality then inviting  youth exhibitors, nurturing new generations of artists and understanding of their creative ways. That is why this joint exhibition of students of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade is mutually important – both as a need of the institution itself to follow the art scene, and as a need of young artists to be reflected precisely in such a prestigious area, which has so far, been mainly dedicated to formed artists of proved value.
The exhibition of Dusan Perić, Goran Kauzlarić and Petar Perić reveals another, still hidden face of our art scene: it is about three young artists who are just tracing paths of life and work, but who have managed to concentrate, and to express force of their creative potential. Their major advantages are openness, curiosity, hunger for knowledge and new searches for experiences of their predecessors, to make their own experience richer ... Thus, all three of them, Goran, Petar and Dušan are amalgamating their intuitive walk with wide intellectual approach and well-founded learning.  All three of them see broad, vast expanse in the art, where there is enough food for everyone which contributes to creation of a different, better, fuller life, hurled in spiritual, aesthetic and research aspects.
In their works, Petar, Dušan and Goran are, delicately and steadily, patiently and planned, examining the different levels of relationships - of form and space, space and movement, movement and color, color and matter, matter and form, flat and plastic, hard and soft, live and dead, touch and floating, individual and group, isolated and connected ...Figurative, namely anthropomorphic matter is their common concern, but with different positions and sensibility. The three young artists approach this matter not to transfer a scene or a personal story, but to explore thoroughly the abstract relations that we live in concrete situations of our everyday life. So they put a big task to themselves that I`m sure, they will know how to defense perfectly. And, I believe, that any visitor of this exhibition will be convinced in this, too.
Widely opened door of the Platoneum gallery is a sign which means much to all of us. 

Belgrade, February 2010.


Irina Subotić

Professor emeritus

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